Studio Update

While studio work is still coming along beautifully, and my life is blessed in so many ways, there is one shadow hanging over me right now- one of my best friends is gravely ill. I cannot go visit Tara due to COVID-19 restrictions at the hospital, and a phone call is impossible right now. She knows that I love her, and in response to her own incredibly positive attitude towards her struggle with a deadly disease, I too will remain as positive as possible. My fingers, eyes, and toes are crossed that she comes out of this dark hour with that sparkle of a laugh that I am so accustomed to hearing.


One thought on “Studio Update

  1. Your studio looks quite different! I love Tara’s icebergs. Well, I love Tara. I also am sending love and best wishes her way. What a marvellous, talented, creative, loving woman. So glad I had a chance to know her. And you too, by the way!


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