This week at Norton’s Cove Café

Yes, the Café is closed for the season, but we still have some things going on to keep you up-to-date about! Please read on!

This is an exciting new series of sales events!
Hannah & I will be on hand every Thursday evening to help you with your Christmas shopping lists at the Café Gift-Shop & at the Studio. I promise there will be some fabulous deals to be had, and seasonal drinks too!

Café hours:

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

I received some exciting news yesterday! My application for financing with the province’s Department of Industry, Energy, & Technology has been approved! This financing will help us finish the 1st floor of the Café, referred to as the Lower Deck. The Lower Deck will be used as an arts and events venue: here’s a blurb from the business plan:

The Lower Deck is the name of the 1st floor of Norton’s Cove Café.  The space (interior) has not been completely finished since the building was formed in 2016/17.  The 1st floor currently consists of a storage room for the kitchen, laundry room, an unfinished bathroom, and a large open space overlooking the cove through large windows and double glass doors.  

The plan for the space is to be multi-functional:

Lounge for transient sailors: books, seating areas, coffee bar, shower room, WiFi

Performance venue for musicians and other performers

Deck from the double glass doors as a main entrance, with wheelchair access, will act as a gathering/seating area

Venue for small weddings, reunions, and other parties catered with finger foods or small plates from the Norton’s Cove Café kitchen

Meeting space for small conventions, AGMs, etc.

New venue for successful Thursday Night Friends events

Staff lounge

Art classes 

Annual fine art & craft marketplace event

Our main theme in promotion is Current Newfoundland Culture.  The idea here is to focus on today’s professional artists who are creating fine works of art, literature, songs, and entertainment, as well as our knowledgeable residents: The region boasts a Seabird Biologist with Environment Canada, a Master Spinner, a Novelist, and an architectural model builder with extreme skills.  Team Norton’s Cove promotes a current Newfoundland experience: food, music, & art which are inspired by this beautiful province and the riches it affords us, as opposed to a look back at what Newfoundland used to be.  The ‘good old days’ weren’t really that good!

Norton’s Cove Café has already hosted a number of professional musicians and entertainers in the ongoing Live @ Norton’s Cove series, many who have made performing at Norton’s Cove an annual event. We plan to invite more artists from around the province (and beyond) to feature in events at the café’s Lower Deck, and incorporate the studio & guest rooms into these happenings as well. 

Norton’s Cove Studio Inc. 2020/21 Business Plan

Silver Wolf Band will perform for us Live @ Norton’s Cove Café! We’ve got about 30 seats available, or 6 bubbles to seat people in, so make plans! I will need the name of each person attending. Get your tickets at the studio in person, or in the online shop.


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