Today, Duke, Fred, myself & Taylor joined a handful of others in salvaging some little pieces of history from the Anglican church in Pool’s Island which is slated to be dismantled next week. The Anglican church is in trouble financially, and so this little congregation is losing a structure the people of Pool’s Island have been working for 155 years to keep the doors open to their community.

The building itself is incredibly beautiful in a very understated and humble fashion. The woodworking, the bell tower, the time-telling wear in the treads on the stairs, the simple design. Such an architectural gem.

I didn’t hear about the troubles happening until it was too late to put in my five cents worth, and I’m happy to be able to have come away with some pews and wood-working bits that will be reused in the Lower Deck of Norton’s Cove Café; but my heavens, what a gorgeous performance space this could have been. The sound in the room is wonderful, and even with Covid-19 restrictions, so many more people could enjoy live performances here than at the Café. It breaks my heart that we’ll lose this building.

All photographs courtesy of Taylor L. Curtis.


2 thoughts on “Holy

  1. Tearing it down? OMG I thought it would go the way of the United church in GP. Sacrilege. I’m so sad Janet. My Dyke ancestors attended and loved this church. I suppose everything has been taken. Perhaps a piece of board to hang on the wall at Greens Point? Damn damn damn. What is the world coming to?


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    1. I have quote a bit taken. But I’ll see what I can get for you! I feel so bad for the people who have been taking care of the building for so long, but don’t get a say on what the Bishop decides about the place. I tried to get the pulpit which is a gorgeous piece of woodwork. But the Bishop says it has to be destroyed. Mind bogling!


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