I’m working on Smudge Herring No. 50 this afternoon, and to steady my arm while using a fairly fine brush, creating eyes and fins, I rest my elbow on this little brown stool. The stool was made by my Granda (Edwin Petley) Gill for me to stand on to reach the sink while brushing my teeth when I was a wee gal.

This morning, I sat in on a Zoom webinar hosted by NLOWE, featuring amazing female leaders Vianne Timmons and Cathy Bennett. They had very powerful messages about being leaders, surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up, and the ‘gift of energy’ we can give each other.

While Granda’s little stool serves as a symbol of my family lifting me up, I would like to send a shout out to a special woman who has given me an enormous gift of energy this year: Taylor Laine Curtis, the young MUN student I hired to be my Studio Assistant Extraordinaire this year, has been a major source of energy and inspiration in my creative career since she came to live in New-Wes-Valley. Thank you Taylor, truly. Know that you are appreciated and influential!


3 thoughts on “Lift

  1. Oh my goodness Janet that was so nice of you to honour our dear granddaughter Taylor Curtis and you are so right. Taylor is always up when we talk to her and enthusiastic about whatever is happening around her. You and your family have been so kind to her and she is always excited to share her adventures with all of you.Thank you on behalf of all of our family here in Manitoba.

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    1. Thank you Dawn & Don (The Two Donnies!)
      Taylor speaks of you often. You have a great claim to bragging rights, as you have obviously had a hand in shaping her to become the wonderful person she is today!


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