Pinchard’s Island

On Remembrance Day, I was lucky enough to take a little family outing to the birthplace of quite a long line of my relatives, including my mom. Seven (six humans, one canine) of us met at dad’s boat in Newtown, and motored over to the island, just a few minutes away.

There was a little bit of work to do- fixing up the wharf, and winterizing the cabin, but we mostly played. Walking along the old paths, beaches, and rocks, we found ropes for our Norton’s Cove Knots project, bits of driftwood, and even a dog toy for Jack! And a mug up at the cabin, of course. A beautiful morning with some of my favourite people.

4 thoughts on “Pinchard’s Island

  1. Hi Janet,
    Enjoyed your little story about Pinchard’s Island.
    I love Pinchard’s Island.
    My Mom (Irene Davis) was born there in 1912.
    My Dad (Weston Gill) was born there in 1914.
    When I was 12 months old, 1953, Mom and Dad resettled to Newtown where I grew up and went to elementary school. I attended Wesleyville Central High 1965-69, and graduated from MUN in 1973.
    While growing up, I visited PI a few times, mostly with Dad and Uncle Tom. During the past five decades I have probably returned five times; not often enough for my liking, but family circumstances dictated otherwise. I attended the Pinchard’s Island Reunion in 1991. I have written a five songs about the “Home of My Ancestors”. My wife’s father, Don Bragg, came from Greenspond!
    Best wishes.
    Dennis (Gill)
    Pilley’s Island, NL

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