Duke and I felt the need for a little getaway after such a busy summer and increasingly busy fall- so we took a leisurely 9+ hour drive to Griquet last week, to hang out with some of my distant (family tree-wise, not a description of their character!) cousins and their two Newfoundland dogs.

The drive itself is quite a thrill- although long, it has some amazing views through Gros Morne and along the northern coast. I’ve never done the drive on a ‘nice day’, and as long as I’m only sitting in the passenger seat, I don’t think I want to. I love the ruggedness of the northern part of this island. By comparison, it makes Norton’s Cove look downright tropical!

My Griquet friends are related to me through my paternal grandmother, Lillian, who started her life out there before moving to Pound Cove as a new bride way back when. I am very thankful for making the connections with my cousins, who I met through work at trade shows! The Dark Tickle Crowd are my cousins, and I love what they’re doing in nan’s hometown. I encourage everyone to visit them- they have a wealth of local knowledge and make wonderful products that they put a lot of effort and thought into. And if you don’t fancy driving all day, they have a great online shop too!


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