Today, I took a little break from my work-day at the studio to go with my little family on an annual hunting expedition in the gentle rain…

Fred’s FJ Cruiser with our Christmas tree on the roof in front of our family home. I took pictures because I’m thinking of using this as inspiration for the 2021 Norton’s Cove Christmas Card.

The tree has been set in its stand in the front parlour window, and is fully lit. The decorating will happen a little later, when dad arrives home from work at sea and a guest family member finishes her studies for the term.

I started my own little tradition a few years ago- when it’s time to decorate the tree, I invite our parents for supper, and after we eat, we trim the tree together. It has been a very nice event every year, and I really look forward to it. We’ll trim gingerbread houses and play Christmas Trivia too this year. Good family fun.

What are your favourite seasonal traditions?


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