The Lower Deck

At the end of the day yesterday…

There’s a long list of things to do before we’re ready to open to the public, and I’ll take this photo over and over each week to show our progress with the project. Here’s the plan for the space, an excerpt from my Business Plan:

The Lower Deck is the name of the 1st floor of Norton’s Cove Café.  The space (interior) has not been completely finished since the building was formed in 2016/17.  The 1st floor currently consists of a storage room for the kitchen, laundry room, an unfinished bathroom, and a large open space overlooking the cove through large windows and double glass doors.  

The plan for the space is to be multi-functional:

  • Lounge for transient sailors: books, seating areas, coffee bar, shower room, WiFi
  • Performance venue for musicians and other performers
  • Deck from the double glass doors as a main entrance, with wheelchair access, will act as a gathering/seating area
  • Venue for small weddings, reunions, and other parties catered with finger foods or small plates from the Norton’s Cove Café kitchen
  • Meeting space for small conventions, AGMs, etc.
  • Staff lounge
  • Art classes

Team Norton’s Cove is in talks of creating our own annual event in the shoulder season (either Spring or Fall).  As Norton’s Cove is part of a granite outcropping which makes our geology very interesting, the thought is to create a Rock Festival.  We’d invite a number of Rock bands (The Novaks, The Catalina Reapers, etc.) to Norton’s Cove to perform at night, along with perhaps a Geology expert to lead guided walks during the day, and offer up special food and drinks (on the rocks!) to complement the theme.  Talks with industry professionals are ongoing! #NortonsCoveRocks


8 thoughts on “The Lower Deck

  1. Looks amazing so far and the ideas are brilliant.
    Can’t wait for the “Rock Festival”!! Something this area could really use and a definite asset to “The Shore”.
    Well done guys!!!

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  2. Looks wonderful Janet. Maybe if we ever get to travel again and Taylor is still in the area we will get to see it and even attend one of your events and explore your area.
    All the very best as you move forward with your plans.

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