This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

Lockdown continues at Norton’s Cove, with the province at the highest level in the COVID-19 Alert Level System. I am working away as usual at the studio & café, as I always do during the winter months. In January, while we were open to the public, I had 6 visitors in store- so no great loss for me by not having to shovel the front steps! I am thankful every day for how lucky I am to be able to continue on with life as usual while others are really struggling with loneliness and fear of contracting the awful disease. I feel very privileged.

We’re still working away at the Lower Deck, and I took this picture on Saturday while upstairs for a coffee break. I’m so impressed with the way Norton’s Cove Café turned out- so many craftspeople are involved to create this kind of space, from my own inspiration and choices in fixtures, to the designer’s expertise, the carpenter’s skills, the furniture makers, the upholsterers, not to mention actually running the place as a business! It has been a lot of hard work and a sharp learning curve for me to be the owner of a restaurant, but I feel like all that is paying off and I think that Team Norton’s Cove has created one of the best restaurants in the province. It’s certainly my favourite!

Did you know that many of the Café Gift-shop’s products are available through our online shop? During this lockdown period, and always, you can pick up your jams and relish and thump mats at the studio- contactless- or have them delivered to you via Canada Post.


4 thoughts on “This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

  1. I admire and appreciate deeply that you risked and created your artwork and the cafe. It is also my favourite and I’m amazed by the wonderful staff you continue to attract! Thanks so much for all you contribute to this outstanding community.

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  2. I really enjoy your blog and seeing the additional work you are doing to the bottom space. Wishing you much success in your plans to expand your business.

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