This photo is not dated. But we have some clues. My house still had the original house (servants quarters after 1884) attached, although the third floor is already removed (which happened in 1930). Someone told me years ago that that portion of the house was cut down to its present state the spring of Come Home Year (1966). The tiny building to the right of the shop was apparently a telegraph office, but there is a pole of some sort on the shop, which might be a transmitting tower making me think that the telegraph equipment was actually in the office? I’ll have to look up the dates of the telegraph receipts…

I once met an elderly lady in my shop who told me that when she was having her first child, she was brought to Norton’s Cove by boat, and she sent a telegraph home to Newtown to say that she had arrived safely. Job Kean then gave her a ride to Brookfield Cottage Hospital in his truck to deliver her baby under the care of the doctor. How times have changed! What an incredible range of technology that woman witnessed in her lifetime! And, I LOVE the fact that people tell me these stories when visiting my shop! The building itself is a conversation piece.

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