This Week at Norton’s Cove Café



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Norton’s Cove Café reopens for the season!

You can contact us directly to make a reservation for anytime during the entire 2021 season

Janet’s mobile 536-8166 (off-season)
Café 536-2633 (in-season)
Order online for pick-up with the subscribers’ special discount code MAY2021 to save yourself 20% off on all Norton’s Cove Apparel!

The Café Gift-shop is still open by appointment, and it’s products are available for browsing 24/7 via the online shop! You can choose to have your items shipped to you, or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

As an NLOWE member, I am very pleased to welcome NLOWE advisors Lindsay Mercer and Betsy Saunders to the Lower Deck @ Norton’s Cove Café right here in New-Wes-Valley!


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