It’s Troutin’ Season

A little tidbit of information about “troutin'” (fishing for trout) in the ponds (lakes) of The Shore (the loop of pavement that takes you from the Trans Canada Highway at Gander up the north side of Bonavista Bay and back to the TCH at Gander Bay)

When Duke and I were living in Halifax (for my BFA NSCAD’98), he went fishing a couple of times with the locals. He learned that most Canadians do not have free access to the ponds or lakes to fish your supper, as land is mostly privately owned and one needs permission to cross the land. So I’d like to pass on some information to anyone who finds themselves in Newfoundland during this trouting season: Go to any pond on the side of a road and cast your hook- in season, of course! #TheShore is full of great fishing holes, and we have the lovely IBEC to give you the scoop on where and when you can fish for your supper.


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