This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

Another wrench thrown in… back to alert level 4 for the Greater Norton’s Cove area.

I’ve been thinking about what we should do as a business these last couple of days, and have come to the conclusion that we will go ahead with our planned start dates. If we are still in Alert Level 4 next Wednesday (reopening day), then we we will open for take-out only. If you have a reservation for the first week, I’ll be in contact closer to the reservation day to let you know what’s on the go.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Norton’s Cove Café reopens for the season!

You can contact us directly to make a reservation for anytime during the entire 2021 season

Janet’s mobile 536-8166 (off-season)
Café 536-2633 (in-season)
Order online for pick-up with the subscribers’ special discount code MAY2021 to save yourself 20% off on all Norton’s Cove Apparel! This sale is only on for a few more days, until the end of May. The next discount will happen in September.

The Café Gift-shop is still open by appointment, and it’s products are available for browsing 24/7 via the online shop! You can choose to have your items shipped to you, or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

Work on the Lower Deck is still progressing, if slowly, and the space will double our usual floorspace when we reopen for in-person dining. I just spent one of my days off painting doors and trims, and I’ll be spending a few of my evenings after work at the studio over there finishing that work. We still have to install bathroom fixtures, a track lighting unit (to illuminate Live @ Norton’s Cove performers), install floor covering on the stairs, remove all the tools (oh dear, we need another shed!), and furnish the space.


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