This Week at Norton’s Cove Studio

#printapalooza is my name for a full print-run of Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, & Bookmarks in all the designs and all the colours! Red, Red-Yellow (shown), Orange, Red-Blue, Blue, Blue-Green, Green, Grey, & Black.

I have been working away at #printapalooza, as I have orders due to be shipped to shops next week, and I have also been spending quite a lot of time in my office, working on an export plan with the help of NLOWE‘s GATEWAY to Trade program. I realize that I need to expand my market and double my art sales in order to call Norton’s Cove Studio a successful business. And I am determined to make that happen.

With the aim of promoting exactly that, I would love to see those of you who already have a piece of my art in your personal or office collection to post a picture of it and share it with your social media peeps. It would be really great if some of you who are considered influencers would take part, to really help get some bigger reach. I’ve devised a little contest: the prize will be a custom order of artwork, made just for you, and we’ll use up the whole month of June, with a winner drawn from the entries on July 1st. Here’s what you need to do to play:

  • post a picture of your Janet Davis artwork on twitter, Instagram, or your blog
  • each post is a new entry
  • use the hashtag #JanetDavisArt
  • tag Norton’s Cove: twitter: @NortonsCove Instagram: @nortonscovestudioandcafe Blog (WordPress): @nortonscovestudio
  • June 1st – 30th
  • all artwork by Janet qualifies, including Norton’s Cove Cards, Mini-Prints, Bookmarks, textile pieces, paintings, and all printmaking from 1990 to present date.

Norton’s Cove Studio is now open
10am – 6pm Wednesday through Saturday
10am – 3pm Sunday

The online shop is open 24/7 of course,
and you can choose to have your items shipped to you,
or you can ‘pick-up in-store’.

Order online for pick-up with the subscribers’ special discount code MAY2021 to save yourself 20% off on all Norton’s Cove Apparel until 11:59pm on May 31st! Or shop in store and get the same discount! That’s on all apparel, even the tee shirts that are on sale for $10 already! This will be the last sale until the Anniversary Sale in September.


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