Norton’s Cove Weekends

I haven’t been posting much lately, and I have a pretty good excuse… One of the Café servers left us, leaving me to fill in, and so my workweek was a wee bit longer than is conducive to keeping up with everything on my to-do-list! (14 hour days really make me notice how old I have gotten!)

Thankfully, we’ve hired a new part-time employee and adjusted our schedules and now I am much more ready to take on all the things.

With such a busy summer happening here in Norton’s Cove, my time off has become more important to me than ever before. Being productive really does require a person to be well rested. And I’ve been making good use of my Norton’s Cove Weekends (NCW: Sunday night, Monday, & Tuesday).

Some of you may have noticed that SS Virtue is now back at home port. (And doesn’t the harbour look even better with her in it?) Duke and I motor-sailed her to Terra Nova National Park from the marina in Glovertown, and then back to Norton’s Cove the following week. Two glorious days! And we bought a season pass at the park, so we hope to visit there again soon.


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