Fall Shopping Events

Taylor and I have been having a grand time getting the shop all stocked with new product and tagging everything with UPC codes to keep up on our inventory with our new scanner. I just love shop-keeping in my c.1890 general store!

There weren’t any UPC codes in the shop here for sure!

We’re planning a number of special events for those of you in the area who like to get out and do a bit of browsing or have a ‘twack’, if you will. Isn’t it nice to get out on a Friday night? And if you’re from a little farther away and would like to make a weekend out of it, there are a number of nice places to stay here in the Greater Norton’s Cove Area!

Starting this week, I’ll be hosting a shopping event from 6-9pm, which will include a number of special treats: product tasting, prizes, guest vendors, sales, and craft and art demonstrations and presentations, every Friday night from 6-9pm! There will be something different happening each week, and I’ll update you on plans each week here on the blog.

Please helps spread the word, and I hope to see you here!

And if you can’t visit Norton’s Cove Studio, get out and support a small business in your community! Supporting small independent local shops just feels good!


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