Dad’s Guitar

Dad’s Guitar Bookmarks: $5.50 each
Available at Norton’s Cove Studio or in the online shop!

This Yamaki guitar hangs in my office, but has been owned by my dad, and all three of my brothers at some time.  It was purchased new in 1980/81 and has been lost in poker games, travelled near and far, and finally came to hang out with me. All four of us kids learned to play guitar on this instrument, and it’s pretty special to me, even though I’m the least talented musician in the family by a loooooong stretch. I love it when my guys pick it up to play when they visit me at work.

Growing up in a family of musicians didn’t rub off on me in that I’m a great musician, but it did teach me to appreciate music; and the difference between someone like me who can strum a few chords, to professionals who can make their guitars talk and send shivers down your spine. What I really love the most about live music, I think, is that when you listen to the same songs later on a CD or a streaming service, I am reminded of the same wonderful feelings that the live show gave me, and I remember the back stories the artist tells between songs. It just makes me fall even deeper for the music in general.

How about you? Did you grow up with a musical family? Do you play any instruments?


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