Craft Fair Season

You’ll find me and Duke at booth number 215!

Well, I’m pooped already. Yesterday I spent the day arranging my craft fair booth inside the studio, making sure I’d have everything I need when I bring it to town tomorrow. Today I spent packing it all up. Trying to decide what to bring with us, trying to get a slideshow to run when my computer has decided that it is biased against flash drives, and trying to figure out how to package it all so that it’ll fit in the truck without any harm coming to any of it has me ready for a pre-supper britbox hour. I’ll take a break and do some final arranging tonight.

As much as I enjoy the CCNL’s Christmas Craft Fair, it is quite a lot of work to undertake, and I often wonder how other makers manage to attend shows all through the weeks leading up to Christmas. I’m definitely a one-show-gal. This show will take me a full 8 days to prepare for, actually show up at, and unpack back at home again. If you can’t get to the fair to see us this year, we do have our online shop open 24-7, and I”ll be offering up free shipping in December! And of course the studio will be open to the public 40 hours a week in December too.

Here’s part of my booth display unit all set up at the studio! It’s in the truck now, and will get set up at the arena in Torbay as soon as we arrive tomorrow. I get to spend 4 hours sipping coffee in my heated seat tomorrow!

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