This week at Norton’s Cove Café

Our Annual Tibb’s Eve Dinner & Dance tickets are selling faster than usual- make sure you don’t miss your opportunity- get your tickets before they sell out! No seats are reserved unless tickets are paid for. Here are your menu choices for the December 23rd event:


Crispy moose in a spicy, sweet, and savoury orange sauce served on rice noodles (GF)

Frutti di Mare – Italian styled shrimp and squid salad (GF)

Creamy pumpkin soup with grilled cheese croutons (V)


Moose Bourguignon- a rich moose stew served with a side of polenta and stewed vegetables

Trout Boudin- trout sausage served with a rich red wine sauce, seasoned mushrooms, potato, and veggies (GF)

Vegetarian Paella- a mixture of roasted vegetables served on saffron and paprika infused rice (GF) (V)


Chocolate Mousse- rich, creamy, and fluffy- just gorgeous! (GF)

Crème Caramel- baked custard in a light caramel sauce (GF)

Spiced ginger Christmas cake with sweet lemon glaze

email Janet to reserve your holiday dinner party at Norton’s Cove Café in December!

We’re happy to offer these snuggly Norton’s Cove toques available now in the online shop (open 24-7) as well as the studio shop (open by-chance-or-appointment this month)!


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