Just A Card Indie Week Starts Tomorrow

This campaign has been taking place for a few years now, and I am very happy to participate. The founders of the Just a Card campaign are in England, and were interested in promoting shopping in small independently owned stores after seeing a favourite shop close. There was a sign on the door of a gallery that told folks that if they had bought just a card, perhaps the store would still be open. As a small business owner, this notion strikes hard and true. There are thousands of people in my hometown who have never made a purchase in my shop, or go years without purchases, and I have gone years without a salary. It is only because I am too stubborn to quit that I am still operating my studio after almost 20 years. I do realize that I am offering products that many local people do not need nor want. But I’m sure most people buy at least one greeting card a year, and it would make a huge difference to my business if I could sell an average of one card a year to everyone in town.

So don’t think that your small purchase at any of your local shops isn’t making a difference- it really does! #justacard or just a mug or just a coffee or just a pair of socks- whatever it is, it’s important to support small businesses if we want them to be there year after year.

I’ll be taking part in the Just A Card INDIE WEEK challenge this year, so you’ll see my posts each day this week according to the following plan on twitter, instagram, and facebook, as well as this blog:

I’d love to hear from you- please share your favourite small independent businesses this week more than ever!


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