Day 2 #justacard

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’, we’d still be open.” A shop door with that sign in England started the #justacard campaign.

Here’s my shop door, and I fully support the #justacard message. If we want to be able to visit nice shops in the future, we need to support them now. And what can we do? We can make a purchase every year, no matter how small. Just a card, or just a book, or just a coffee will do the trick. We can recommend our favourite shops to our friends. We can buy the things we can locally, instead of looking elsewhere. I can’t expect the small grocery store up the street to keep carrying the products I like if I buy them somewhere else.

Last year, when Newfoundlanders were told to staycation at home, Norton’s Cove Café was discovered by many locals who had never been in our region before. They enjoyed their visit, and they told their friends. And their friends came this year. I heard from customers over and over again, “my next door neighbour was here last summer and they told me I just had to come!” Recommending to friends really is a huge help to small businesses!

I really appreciate every dollar I earn in my business so that I can keep growing and adding new products, new services, and offerings in my hometown.


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