Studio & Café Update!

This week has been kind of crazy- projects at home, in the studio, and at the café have kept me and Duke rather busy…

We are plugging away at getting the Lower Deck complete in time for our Tibb’s Eve event, and it’s looking great, but we’re running into a couple of issues, like not enough electrical plugs, and not being able to get our electrician to visit us to complete the project they started in 2017. We also have been having trouble with our heat pumps, and I’m probably going to end up paying to get new ones put in, even though the one downstairs has never been used. Very frustrating when you can’t get service or warranty repair on new equipment! New electrician and new heat pump guy coming soon!

Duke has been building a little sunroom on the deck, enclosing a little space with glass and storm doors to increase our ability to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine over the long fall, winter, and spring months. We had meant to have that done during the summer, but work dictated that that wouldn’t be happening! I was still painting the structural bits in December! We were really fortunate that the snow held off as long as it did, as we just got our first snowfall a couple of days ago. We’re almost finished that project.

We had our annual family tree decorating supper at home last night. Biggest tree ever. Two things that we’ll remember forever came up during Christmas Trivia: Duke’s dangerous water buffalo decorating concept, and in the twelve days of Christmas, we will forever more sing “nine sheep a-laying” and giggle while anyone who wasn’t there will think we’re weird or stunned, or both.

And in the studio, I’m creating a piece of artwork for a prize winner (long overdue) and packaging up some of the Hermit Cove Cups editions which have been waiting patiently to be matted/framed. I’ve got a big canvas to make No. 70 in the Smudge Herring painting series too. And I’ve been working on getting some financing in place to create the Wesleyville Inn, to help accommodate all the beautiful people that want to stay overnight in this town all through the year as tourists, visiting family & friends, or attending events here in New-Wes-Valley.

We’ve had our first Holiday Party at Norton’s Cove Café, and we’re hosting the second tonight! Ted put together a lovely little menu and is getting a helping hand in the kitchen from Duke, and Trina and I are serving. I do enjoy these events- the café is lightly dressed for Christmas, and we have some great Christmas music playing too! The space is beautiful, and even more-so by candlelight, I think!

I’m in the studio today and tomorrow, and would love to see you! If you can’t shop in person, the online shop is open 24-7! Don’t forget that there is 25% off almost everything in-store, and the online shop is offering two discount codes to let you get the most out of your purchase! HappyHolidays2021 for free shipping in Canada (up to $50) and MerryChristmas2021 gets you 25% off 5 different collections!

We do still have Tibb’s Eve tickets available, which you can purchase here in the studio or in the online shop. Sure to be a fabulous night!

I have to go get my head down and back to work work work- until next week…


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