Friday at Norton’s Cove

I’m in the studio today (and every Friday, 10-6 if you’d like to swing by for a visit) working on financial documents, and planning out my entire year of business. I’ve got some big goals this year, including paying myself and then not giving all my paycheques back to the company for a change! For anyone who has ever owned a small business, you probably understand that the challenges are real. For those of you who have never owned a small business and think that owning your own business offers tons of perks that any other labourer doesn’t get- well- there are a ton of perks. But there are just as many worries and crappy bits to even that out.

We’re all swimming in this ocean together. Some of the anti-vaxers are calling us sheep. Whatever. I see us as a school of fish, all working together & helping each other.

I’ve been listening to podcasts, using a business diary/planner made especially for creative business owners like me, and taking part in educational webinars to aid in my business planning, and I really feel like this year will be my best. I can do this. I’ve got a great Team Norton’s Cove to do this. We just need to follow the plan. Of course, how will the current/future COVID-19 restrictions affect the plan? There is plenty to worry about again this year. But if I worry too much, I am not as productive. So there has to be some balance to worry and self-assuredness without becoming cocky and annoying or letting myself and my beautiful team start feeling down. What do you do to keep from getting too stressed out? I just keep planning a better future. Gotta have goals and something to look forward to!

We just have to keep on swimming.


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