We went for a hike out behind our house yesterday. The landscape is barren and striking, and I think the huge blobs of granite that make up most of the landscape are simply gorgeous with our recent dusting of snow. What do you think?

Today I’m doing a few chores at home and at work, including printing up a few cards to complete an online order…

The studio is in a bit of chaos while I’m counting cards and picking out some older stock to add to our 50% discount table. I’ve also got several new canvases painted with background colours to become the next few Smudge Herring pieces. I’d like to get to #100 in the smudge herring series-seems like it’s a good number. The door you see leaning on the steel pole used to lead to the pantry in our home which we removed years ago and has just been taken out of storage. I’m looking for a good place to reuse it.


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