This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

This year, we’re planning a great Feast of Saint Valentine here at Norton’s Cove Café, and you can buy your tickets in the online shop. Click HERE to read the menu and order your event tickets! Now that the Lower Deck is finished, I encourage you to enjoy that space with a drink while you wait for your reservation, or after you’ve finished your meal but don’t want to go home yet!

With current COVID-19 restrictions
~we are limited to 34.5 people (including staff) in the building at a time
~we need to physically distance ourselves from other bubbles by at least 6 feet
~we all need to wear a mask when we are not seated/eating, and
~we need to show that we are vaccinated upon entry
Nothing to it!

The Feast of Saint Valentine will take place over two dates: February 13th & 14th! When you click to buy your tickets, you’ll get to choose a date and time. Don’t forget to make sure you have the right number of tickets chosen before you check out! And yes, you can have your meal as take-out if that suits your needs!

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