This Week at Norton’s Cove Studio

Norton’s Cove Studio is open today 10-6! I’d love to see you if you’re out and about on this beautiful sunny March day. You can come just to see the printmaking process in action, browse the shop, enjoy an Americano, or work on your own artistic project! Everyone is welcome.

As you may already know, I am working away from Norton’s Cove for a few weeks Monday to Friday on a special project, so the studio is open just on Saturdays until May. I also come in sometimes in the evening, and Duke has been spending some time here making rope mats during the week, so please do drop in whenever you see the open sign!

A word about masks: I am leaving this up to customers. While I’ll continue to wear a mask for now, I expect each customer/visitor to make up their own minds about how careful you want to be about catching any viruses.

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