This Weekend at Norton’s Cove

I’m happy to be in my studio today (10am-6pm) getting things sorted to start #printapalooza again. Even though the shop is closed for most of the week, there is still lots happening in the background. Duke has been making thump mats and wreaths so that we are well stocked for the busy summer season. I’ve ordered some new beautiful things from other artisans, and I’m getting my print-list ready to start printing today.

We have new necklaces and wine charms in stock from Karlande Designs of Clarenville. Andrea Sharpe makes lovely pieces from sea-glass found on our shores and sterling silver. Each piece is gift-boxed with care instructions, and even includes a sticker! You’ll find them here in-store only.

Later this month, I’ll be celebrating my 20th business anniversary! Norton’s Cove Studio Inc. was incorporated on April 19th, 2002, and I’m happy that I’m still in business. The struggles are not over, far from it, but I count my blessings in this life I have here in my beautiful hometown every day. I understand how privileged I am to own my own home (which now boasts a hot-tub & sun-room! I’m so impressed we could make that happen! Thank you Duke!) and to be able to offer something special here to visitors and locals alike. I’m very proud of what my Team Norton’s Cove and all our supporters have accomplished. And so, on that day, I’m offering a sale in the online shop to subscribers to my eNewsletter (subscribe here): 40% off all my cards, mini-prints, limited edition prints, one-of-a-kind pieces, and Norton’s Cove Apparel. Enter the discount code TWENTY at the checkout.

The Café is now taking reservations for Mother’s Day Brunch! Contact me via e-mail or text or at the studio on Saturdays to reserve your table.

Mother’s Day Brunch at Norton’s Cove Café 10am-3pm

Our first icebergs have been here all week, peeking out of the fog, and now we have pack-ice coming quite close to shore too. There’s quite a large iceberg near Wesleyville, easily visible as you’re walking/driving down the road. And of course, with all that ice around, it’s time to remember to watch for big moving white things- polar bears like to hitch a ride on that ice, and while we don’t see them here very often, it is something to keep in mind this time of year while out hiking with the dog!

Hope to see you soon!

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