Happy Canada Day!

What a wonderful day it has been! This has been our busiest day of the year so far, with 30 visitors at the studio, and 64 people served at the Café. I’ve been hearing wonderful feedback from customers, and all feels right with the world.

I spent a wonderful couple of hours at The REACH today where there were so many happy faces- people genuinely pleased with the progress of the museum, archives, artisan marketplace, and the new exhibit by Tracy Blackwood in the art gallery… such a beautiful space made even better by beautiful smiles. So much positivity!

And then, to top it all off, the Town of New-Wes-Valley put off an impressive fireworks display right in Norton’s Cove, from the floating docks that were installed late last year by the province right where the old Brookfield wharf was.

Oh Canada! I know we’re not rated as the best country in the world, but man, it’s a pretty wonderful place that we’re living in. My little part of this country seems pretty hard to beat. And I’m very thankful every day to have been born just up the road at Brookfield Hospital as a Canadian citizen and a Newfoundlander.

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