In the Studio

This week in the studio, you’ll find my assistant, Madison, ready to help you 11am-6pm.

Madison and I are trying to get a little printing done,
but it’s going pretty slowly with me being so off kilter.

I’m still recovering from a COVID-19 infection, and really not feeling up to doing much work in the studio or at home. 5 minutes of trivial tasks wear me out, and I am going to the studio to do bits of work when a burst of energy hits me, but those bursts aren’t lasting long. Health guidelines tell me I shouldn’t be contagious now, two weeks after my first symptoms, but I do not feel recovered at all.

I’m so sorry for letting my guard against COVID down. This couldn’t have hit me at a worse time of year, and I’m trying my best to not feel sorry for myself as I’m missing out on so much that I was looking forward to. While my studio side of the business is open year-round, this is the time of year when I have the most foot-traffic, and any degree of success really depends on the next couple of weeks: the busiest of the year; I can’t help but worry about how this illness is going to affect my bottom line. Ah, the joys of entrepreneurship!

I will try not to worry too much, to try to aid in my recovery, and thank my staff for being able to carry on without much input from me right now.

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