In on the Gander

We had an appointment in Gander today for a recall concerning faulty headlights on our vehicle. So after dropping off the truck, we had a couple of hours to kill.

I had heard that some interesting improvements had been made at the Gander airport, where I haven’t been for quite some years, and Duke was willing, so we went for a visit.

This is the new giftshop, Gander Goods, at the airport. What a beautiful shop!
The Gander Goods store has a ton of fine craft and wonderful things made right here in Newfoundland, including my cards and minis! I absolutely love the design of the store- very bright and appealing, with lovely friendly staff too!
This is the International lounge at the airport, which had always been closed to the general public. It is now open, with a welcoming entryway, museum displays of relics from the history of the airport, an era appropriate playlist, and a bar. I am thoroughly impressed! Hats off to whoever is behind the refurbishment of YQX.

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