In the Studio

This week and next, I am taking a little time off to rejuvenate my creative and entrepreneurial sensibilities. I have been enjoying some time at home, doing some long overdue maintenance and falling in love with a new paint colour on our foyer walls.

But today, I’m in the studio and office, taking care of some business:

  • Working on orders: packaging dry cards and minis, and printing more!
  • Moving Café Giftshop stock to the studio’s shelves and updating inventory
  • Reinstalling my big wall of artwork: I’ve sold a few pieces (thank you thank you!) and need to rearrange it all again, including artwork from the Café’s walls
  • Catching up on paperwork
  • Hoping to see a few visitors!
At home, I’m painting the foyer and three levels of the main hallway with the staircase leading to the third floor which was removed around 1930! I’ve already spent two days cleaning all the surfaces, spackle-ing the holes and gouges in the walls, painting the ceilings and wood doors and trims, touching up floor paint, and then the walls. I love the new colour, which is kind of a slate grey leaning towards blue. It offers lots of drama next to the beautiful white painted woodwork in this c.1884 house that I am lucky enough to own!

Norton’s Cove Studio is open:
The Studio is open by chance or appointment this week! Please call/text me at 536-8166 to make an appointment. Today and tomorrow, I’ll be here from around 10-6.

10:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Duke and I are excited to be registered for this event again this year- this is the only Craft Fair that Norton’s Cove Studio attends. Will I see you there?

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