This Week @ Norton’s Cove

It’s going to be a busy week for Norton’s Cove! With the 48th Annual Christmas Craft Fair hosted by the Craft Council of NL coming up, today is a day of production. Finishing paintings that I hope to sell at the fair, and finishing off my latest edition of prints, which are still being water-coloured by hand.

The Craft Fair lasts for 4 days. But the prep-time makes it a much bigger portion of time for us. On Monday, Duke will get my wooden booth structure out of the wood-shed and set it up in the middle of the studio. We’ll set it up exactly as we want it to look at the show, including lights, extension cords, wrapping supplies, extra stock, etc. On Tuesday, I’ll pack it all up ready to go in the truck on Wednesday morning, when we take off for town. Wednesday is set-up day- all out of the truck again, hopefully easy enough because we already know where everything goes! Wednesday is also the day we get to see friends that we don’t get to see often, as we’ve gotten to know quite a few other craftspeople over the years. We’ve been doing this show almost every year since 2002, and I’ve been a member of the Craft Council of NL since 1990! On Sunday night we’ll pack it all up again, heading home on Monday. It’ll take all day Tuesday just to get everything put away in the studio again, and back to normal.

Norton’s Cove Studio is open: 10-6 today!
We’ll be closed for the rest of the week, until November 15th.

Norton’s Cove Café is planning its Annual Tibb’s Eve event: tickets will be available on December 1st!

If you’d like to ‘pre-shop’ to ensure you get what you’re looking for, please order in the online shop and leave a note for me that you’d like to pick it up at the Craft Fair! And then choose ‘pick up in store’ in the shipping information to save the cost of shipping!

Save the Date:

Norton’s Cove Studio’s
Annual Christmas Party & Sale
happens on Friday, December 2nd, starting at 7pm!

All sorts of treats to start the festive season: prizes, music, food & drink, and 25% off everything in the shop!

And subscribers to my eNewsletter get a special discount code in their inbox to use for one day only, December 1st!


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