This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

…I’m making plans for the 2023 season!

January is reserved each year for book-keeping year-end procedures and a study of what happened in the past 12 months, with a focus on what we should repeat and what we should change to make the next 12 months even better. There are applications to fill out with deadlines approaching very soon, marketing plans to implement, and tax forms to fill in. I love making plans!

And I’m planning to finish a small group of paintings that I started in November and haven’t had time to complete this month! Focussing on making new artwork this year is very important to me, as 2022 was certainly not my most productive year.

I’ve been changing the prices of some of my older pieces that have been hanging around too long for my liking- have a look at the online shop to see what’s on sale!

The studio will be open this week: Saturday 10am-6pm and any other time by chance or appointment. Call or text me at 536-8166 to make an appointment.

I’d love to hear from you: what did you like best about Norton’s Cove Studio & Café in 2022? What would you like to see changed?


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