This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

Moving right along with year-end paperwork, I’m making good progress! There is quite a lot of sitting involved in January- and my eyes are tired of looking at screens and papers. I’m looking forward to some art happening on Saturday! The studio will be open for visitors from 10-6.

I’ve been changing the prices of some of my older pieces that have been hanging around too long for my liking- have a look at the online shop to see what’s on sale! There are now quite a few art pieces, as well as small gift items on for half price. I entered the word ‘sale’ in the search bar on the website and all the sale items popped up! It’s a handy feature to find anything you’re looking for at Norton’s Cove. You can shop online or in-store, but these sale prices disappear when February arrives.


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