All You Need is Love… and Ted’s Cooking!

Thank you to all of you who came out to enjoy the Feast of Saint Valentine with us at Norton’s Cove Café! I am thrilled to have had so much wonderful feedback, and feel pretty loved up by our customers! A big shout out to Matthew who has had his first couple of nights as Ted’s new Kitchen Assistant for the 2023 season, and thank you to all my crew members who put their hearts into their jobs: Ted and Matthew in the kitchen, Kasie and Trina in the dining room, and Duke on the plough, in the shops, and in the kitchen too! You’re all stars.

I’m back in my office and studio today, catching up on ‘all the things’. Feel free to drop by for a visit, grab a deal off our little sales table, or to tell me what you’d like to do for a special occasion at Norton’s Cove in March.


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