This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café…

Today we’ll start our new Open Studio sessions! Everyone with an interest in being creative is welcome to come hang at Norton’s Cove Studio every Wednesday night. Whether you’re a knitter or a woodworker or a painter, come along! I’ll be printing cards this evening in black ink. What will you be working on?

Locals will notice something missing soon- Tara Bryan’s large painting which shines all night long in the big windows of the Café has been donated to The Rooms Provincial Art Bank by it’s owner, and they will be picking it up next week. So now I need a big piece of artwork to hang in its place! Challenge!

Tara Bryan Paintings
I wonder how many people have had their photos taken in front of this painting over the last couple of years? I am very thankful to Tara & her husband George for letting us display this fabulous piece at the Café. And now it’s time for it to make new friends elsewhere!

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