Blog Prompt Response

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

~Wordpress prompt

I quite often get asked if I live here in Norton’s Cove full-time. It always baffles me as to why it’s expected that I wouldn’t stay in my hometown year-round. Just yesterday, I was asked on the phone if I was in New-Wes-Valley or if I was living in St. John’s for the winter. Do so many people own two homes? Does anyone really think it’s better/wiser/easier to spend a winter in a city than in a small town? I certainly don’t! What is this question really about? I’ve never met someone and wondered how many residences they have. For the record, I live in New-Wes-Valley year-round, and I love it! I sat for an hour in my sunroom this morning watching the sun glint off the water and ice where seabirds are frolicking. I walk just a few steps to work at my studio/office in a building that I am completely in love with. I love my jobs as a Visual Artist, Shopkeeper, a Marine Consultant, and Administrator. In this small town, I can lead a seemingly rich lifestyle on a very small budget. And if I ever sell my property and leave for a retirement home, my sights are on somewhere even smaller and more out-of-the-way!


3 thoughts on “Blog Prompt Response

  1. I get asked by some people if I still like living in Musgrave. Or they say “so you like it here?” I don’t HAVE to live where i live I chose to live here!

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