A Lily for Lilly

My Lilies are finally ready to find new homes to brighten!

Find them in the online shop HERE or stop in at the studio to get yours! They are selling for $80 each matted as shown here in my garden, or $120 in a chic white frame.


Lilies in the Rain

It’s dark and dreary in the rain here at Norton’s Cove, but my day is literally brightened by my new Lily edition which I am packaging up in mats and frames to be ready for sale at the studio (or in the online shop) this weekend.

Lily, getting dressed up ready for sale!

Virtue on the Hard

Duke, Jack and I, with the help of our cousin Curtis and our friend Keith, brought Virtue to the Glovertown Marina today, had her hauled out and put on the hard for the winter. We had a gorgeous day of motoring and sailing in the bay. Chilly, but I still got a sun-burned nose!

I’m hoping that in the spring with a berth at Glovertown, when we’d normally be waiting on the sea ice to do it’s thing here in Norton’s Cove, we’ll be able to sail in the bay for some pre-season fun.

Product Spotlight

Fresh Caplin, Matted
Fresh Caplin

Fresh Caplin, a 2014 original lino-cut by yours truly, is about to be sold out! I have one impression left available, number 34 in an edition of 36 + 3 TPs.

When drawing the image, I used a photograph taken by my aunt Linda of a bucket of fresh caplin. Someone pointed out that it looks like it was designed after the old codfish postage stamp, which I agree with completely, although I hadn’t thought of it before.

I have had my personal experiences with capelin, including a stint at the local fish plant as a caplin sorter in 1990. Fresh out of high-school, I took the job with an air of excitement, but lasted less than one shift! A night shift in which I found myself sleepy, cold, and hungry enough to faint away and knock out two front teeth on the floor as I went down! What an embarrassment! (I couldn’t say the word embarrassment, or anything else with an ess until I was fixed up with new teeth!)

If you would like to be the new owner of this last piece of the edition, you can find it in the online shop here, or drop in at the studio! It is matted to fit a 10×10 inch frame and will cost you $90 + applicable taxes.

Brown Trout

Working with the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corporation, I designed a linocut print (and pen/ink drawing for use as a logo too) of a brown trout over the summer.

Today (and tomorrow too, I’m sure), I am editioning the piece. I’ve cut enough paper at 5 x 11 inches each to make an edition of 75 + a few Presentation Proofs that the IBEC can use for fundraising for their cause. If you’re in the area, please drop in to have a peek at printmaking in action!

Once the printing is done, I’ll add a few details, like those red and blue spots you can see on the Trial Proof, and then they’ll be signed, numbered, chopped, and packaged or framed.

A Perfect Day

What a great day! A slow morning of sipping coffee and watching a crime show on Netflix (Paul, you probably should not have mentioned Line of Duty to me before winter sets in!) followed by an afternoon of sailing, and an evening of printing. Duke and I listened to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 from September 29th 1984 while printing, which I’ve been really enjoying on Coast 101.1 FM. Dancing while printing does not make things go any faster, and neither did the hockey game that Duke was watching, but it sure is fun!

Virtue motoring to Valleyfield Harbour
Printing a couple of orders, one for a new stockist for me, which I will tell the news about a bit later…

The Ups and Downs

After sending out notice to my subscribers last week about having to close down the café sooner than planned, I received quite a few overwhelming emails from people who love what we’re doing there: the food, the decor, the ambiance, the service, etc. My heart was swelling with pride in the gains we’ve made this year, my gorgeous staff and me.

It is one of my favourite restaurants of all time.  So cozy and calm, with a beautiful ocean backdrop.  Wonderful food and staff.  

customer of norton’s cove café

Today, I am working on my accounting, which is looking pretty grim. After making a foolish mistake on September 6th (I deleted some files that I shouldn’t have), I was forced to start re-entering all my accounting journal entries back as far as July 6th. Twenty days later, I’ve put in lots of extra accounting hours, and I have re-entered all revenue, and enough of my expenditures to reconcile my bank account. I have a table full of stacks of receipts left to go, and as I keep entering expenses, with no customers coming in the door, my anxiety levels are raising by the receipt entered.

From my UNDERNEATH series, this piece is starting to take shape.

I am doing what I can, creating new works, building my stock for the Christmas Craft Fair in November, and trying to keep my spirits up to help me deal with the financial stress of being an artist and entrepreneur in outport Newfoundland.

Lily, a new edition of 47 hand coloured linocut prints is waiting for mats and frames to be ready to sell.
Brown Trout, a new linocut print, is ready to be editioned.

At the Café

Hello from gorgeous Norton’s Cove!

This week, much to our disappointment, will be our last week of regular hours at the Café.  Business has dropped off considerably in the past couple of weeks, and it no longer makes financial cents (misspelled for the benefit of Mr. Wiley) to remain open. 

We will certainly have events throughout the off-season, so stay tuned  to our website for special happenings!  For now, our last day of regular business, 10am-8pm, will be Saturday, September 21st.  

I want to say an enormous THANK YOU to my wonderful staff, to our regular customers, and all visitors from all corners of the earth that we’ve had the pleasure to serve and chat with.  Norton’s Cove is growing, and that is largely due to people like YOU for sharing your good experiences here at Norton’s Cove.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I look forward to growing even more next season!

Special thanks this year go to Richard Leach who played piano at the Café every Thursday night since we opened in May. We love you Richard, you’re a star, and you made our Thursday nights shine!

17 Years

Today was the 17th anniversary of my first day of business as Norton’s Cove Studio at the historic Kean’s General Store. Each year I throw a little appreciation out there for my supporters in the way of refreshments and the best sales prices all year.

Thank you so much to those of you who came out to purchase cards and hoodies and artwork! Every sale, no matter how small or large is extremely important to my little business, and I appreciate that you are willing to part with your hard earned money to take a bit of Norton’s Cove home with you.

Thanks to Chrys who baked up some special goodies for us!

I managed to finish the watercolour painting on each Lily image in a new edition of 47 (+1 trial proof) while sipping coffee, munching on cakes, and chatting with visitors.

All in all, a lovely day at the studio!

Didn’t hear about the sale? Those who subscribe to my email list get an invitation in their inbox each year. If you would like to subscribe to that list, just fill out the email box on the bottom of the home page of my website. Subscribers get about a dozen emails each year with all the news from Norton’s Cove Studio & Café through the MailChimp service.