A Note from the Studio Assistant


The wind whips by, another day anew,
The clothes on the line dance well before noon,
The cove shines softly, like pearl among blue,
The sun warms the windows, the gulls croon their tune.

The shrubs lean east as if pulled by a string,
The grass wags gaily, thin blades a small swing,
With the vivid stages like flowers in spring,
I can’t help but wonder, if I’m dreaming.

-Taylor Curtis

Anniversary Sale!

THEN vs NOW! Today is the 18th Anniversary of Norton’s Cove Studio, and to celebrate we are having a sale.

Today only, in store customers receive 50% off Norton’s Cove mini-prints, framed mini-prints, cards, and bookmarks, with everything else 25% off.

Online customers can use code Happy Anniversary at checkout to receive 40% off.

Thank you from Norton’s Cove!

A Note from the Studio Assistant

Here is a small collection of my favourite photos from Round Harbour. I would like to thank Janet, Duke, and Fred for making this excursion a reality.
This peeling wallpaper was just one of the many different patterns present at Round Harbour.
An abandoned idea.

If you’re ever on the Baie Verte Peninsula, these gorgeous green rocks called Virginite just off the side of the highway are worth checking out!

A Note from the Studio Assistant

Janet and I spent today printing Norton’s Cove Cards in the colour blue! It was my first time experiencing regular printmaking here at the studio, and I got some great footage of the process.

Inked printing plates after a day of printing.

Norton’s Cove Studio will be closed tomorrow and Monday as we are going on a small Newfoundland excursion! Business will resume as per usual on Tuesday, September 8.

A Note from the Studio Assistant

The adventure in “Art After Death” continues! Janet and I spent yesterday printing the whale skin texture onto various materials. As we expected, the whale skin had a short lifespan, and thus we had to retire the piece a bit earlier than anticipated, due to it losing its shape and depth. Nonetheless, we managed to pull some lovely prints for a special edition, and are excited to share the upcoming finished products.

[Left] We adhered the whale skin to a piece of linoleum for added stability.
[Right] Janet applying ink to the whale skin for printing.
Janet carefully placing material onto the whale skin for printing.
Stay tuned for more updates from Norton’s Cove Studio!

A Note from the Studio Assistant: WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE

Yesterday, Janet and I spent the morning down at Lumsden beach at the dead whale. The weather was less than ideal and very windy, but the tide was low enough for us to climb onto the rocks to reach it. There was a specific cluster of barnacle scars left on the whale’s skin that Janet thought looked like a swarm of jellyfish. We brought the printmaking supplies, and managed to pull four prints directly from the whale.

Janet attempting a transfer of whale texture to printing matrix.

We thought it would be neat to take the piece of whale skin itself. Armed with a few sharp rocks since we did not have a knife, I did my best to cut around the barnacle scars. We then took everything back to the studio, cleaned the whale skin, and have let it dry overnight. We are excited to use this piece of whale skin over the next few days as a creative medium. Stay tuned to see the finished products from this adventure in art after death.

Cutting out the piece of whale skin.