Product Spotlight

Duke had to drive to the Great Northern Peninsula to help with another family business project, and managed to stop in at the Dark Tickle Company in Griquet to pick up an order that we had placed recently. So we now have lots of new stock in the studio and at the Café Gift-Shop! We love their products, and the people ain’t bad either, even though they’re family! Check out their website for all the other wicked things they do, like serve up house-made ice-cream in a sculpin cone, and take people out in a super-cool jet boat to see whales, icebergs, dolphins, and stuff like that!

You can find the link to the Dark Tickle product page in the online shop HERE.

Product Spotlight

I received an exciting package in the mail this week: all new jewellery from our buddy Michelle Lambert! She has created a number of ArtSea Jewellery pieces just for Norton’s Cove! They are available in store only- check them out when you visit! The prices are very reasonable, and there are a wide variety of styles and matching sets for those special occasions and every day.

Product Spotlight

Sea Urchins
This edition of 80 linocut relief prints is almost sold out. I have available one print matted to fit a 12 x 12″ frame, and one already framed as shown. I printed these on green Tatami paper and hand painted white dots on each print back in 2014. Eight years to sell 80 prints! I’m not sure what that says about my work, but I’m going with ‘not enough foot traffic’ to preserve my dignity.

Product Spotlight

Rocks & Roots Company is based in Clarke’s Beach, Newfoundland. I am a big fan of their products, and am happy to be able to offer them to you here at Norton’s Cove Studio and in the online shop! Here’s what they say about their small business & their products:

We are a family owned and operated company. We make handmade products using eco-friendly natural ingredients and materials, safe for your family and the environment.

We believe in using our own hands to collect quality ingredients; sourcing wild Newfoundland flowers & herbs to create our bath products. We use custom blends of essential and fragrant oils to create an aromatherapy experience.

We believe in buying from Canadian companies that supply ingredients & materials that do not conduct or commission tests on animals.

We believe in taking time for self-care, leaving the stress of the day behind you, letting your inner child loose, filling your life with magical scents & colours, ultimately making the little things matter.

Rocks & Roots Co. Statement

This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

We had an overwhelmingly successful Feast of Saint Valentine event at the Café on the 13th & 14th. In the fall and early winter, it’s easy to feel a bit tuckered out when it comes to thinking about the café and all the work involved trying to make everything run smoothly. We want the business to provide what our customers want, but also it needs to make enough money to pay the bills and enable us to keep going. That can be pretty stressful! But this event in mid-February, when we’ve been feeling refreshed and almost ready for spring to arrive again, reminds us of how much we love what we’re doing, and how much this venue means to the people around us. Honestly, the comments coming back have been very heart-warming. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really is the nourishment our business needs!
Now that we have completed the downstairs space at the Café, which we call the Lower Deck, and some of the COVID restrictions look like they’ll be relaxing soon all across the country, I’m hoping to line up a new series of Live @ the Lower Deck events. I am looking for professional performers to stand in this spotlight and entertain us. Interested artists should introduce themselves via email and include links to examples of their work.

This Week at Norton’s Cove Café

The Feast of Saint Valentine is almost sold out! Thank you so much for such a wonderful response! Click HERE to read the menu and order your event tickets! We’ll have a full staff in house to make your evening meal a pleasure, and I will be trying out the new Lower Deck space for the first time- please do come hang with me there for a drink or two in a relaxing atmosphere with your bubble before or after your meal. We’ll be funnelling everyone through the upstairs entry- don’t forget to bring your VaxPass QR code!

I am collecting love songs for the special Valentine’s playlist- what is your favourite love song?

Mussel Heart Norton’s Cove Cards and Mini-Prints are available in the studio, the online shop, and in the Café gift-shop! Cards are $7.25 each, Minis are $14.50, and Framed Minis go for $50.


Yes, I’ve been listening to Phil Collins lately.

And painting. I made this little video to show how I worked on this piece. I finished it late last night, and I’m feeling a little hung-over this morning, but satisfied.

Here’s a look at No. 72 in my Smudge Herring series… It’ll be listed in the online shop once the paint dries! I did add Nos. 70 and 71 this week!

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