At the Café

Norton’s Cove Café will re-open for the season this Sunday, Mother’s Day.  Yay!  I can’t wait!

Our season will run from May 12th to October 12th, and our hours will be the same each week:  10 am to 8 pm each day except Wednesdays, plus 8-11 pm for Friday Night Friends.  Reservations are encouraged (call 709-536-2633), but are not necessary.  Drop-ins are very welcome too!  Our menus can be seen HERE, but you’ll have to come in to see the dessert menu which will be a little different from  week to week. 

We have a new staff member that I’m very happy to introduce, Chrys Hogan, as Pastry Chef!  Chrys has experience with fabulous venues like Auntie Crae’s, Rocket Bakery & Fresh Foods, and The Merchant Tavern.  Chrys and her talented husband (more on him later) have made our neck of the woods their neck of the woods too, and I am thrilled to have their talents added to #TheShore.  Chrys will be gradually adding more baked goods to our menu- stay tuned to see what special things she whips up!

Don’t worry, the Lemon Blueberry Cake will still be here.


I’d love to hear your comments… did you miss us?  What are the dishes you can’t wait to have again, or try for the first time?



After spending four nights in St. John’s , I am revived a bit this evening to have the salt air back in my lungs, which a quick walk on the rocks of Ship Island (Greenspond) provided nicely. Chill. Interpret that word as you like!

While in town, I heard The Novaks play a 1990s styled Unplugged set at The Ship Inn. Great show, and at a reasonable hour for old folks like me- the band started at 9 o’clock. I was happy to see the proof that there are plenty of music fans who are happy to take in an early show, as there was a fine crowd.

At Walking Bird Press, with the amazing Tara Bryan, I worked on The Wesleyville Book Project. We have completed all the printing, have folded and glued the accordion pages, and have even printed a series of 6 cards that will be boxed as a companion piece to the book. Great to have such a productive weekend!

I am back at the studio, fulfilling orders for Norton’s Cove products, putting away new hoodies picked up at Living Planet yesterday, taking reservations for Mother’s Day at the Café, and packaging even more product to send out to customers in the days ahead. Exciting times at Norton’s Cove!


We have just picked up a new order of hoodies from Living Planet Studio, including a slightly different colour combination: the circle of capelin is printed much more grey than blue, and looks wicked on the grey hoodie! Bring those great Norton’s Cove vibes everywhere you go!

Available in sizes S, M, L, & XL for $60 each.

Wanted Immediately

A full-time seasonal Sous Chef is required at Norton’s Cove Café (opening May 12th 2019). If you are interested in being a part of Team Norton’s Cove, please contact me.

  • Previous experience an asset but not mandatory
  • Tasks include food prep, assembly, plating, especially supper service.
  • Six days a week, May through to October.
  • Please contact for more information

UPDATE: The position has been filled!

Show Cancelled

Sorry folks, Christian Howse Live @ Norton’s Cove has been cancelled due to a lack of interest by ticket buyers. I wish Christian well with the rest of his tour, and hope to hear him elsewhere.

The show will not go on here at Norton’s Cove, but you can catch Christian at a long list of other venues across Canada. Check out his website for more information.

Sale Table Update

Regular prices less 40% make these items a great bargain! Get them before they’re gone. If you’d like to make a purchase but can’t get here in person, just shoot me an email or give me a call.


Duke, Fred, Jack and I went looking for a polar bear after supper on Thursday last. We didn’t find a bear of any kind, but we did find four icebergs*, and drove back home as the moon was just starting to glint on the water.

This snap was taken in Newtown, looking out at Pinchard’s Island, where my forefathers decided to make their new home after leaving England in the late 1700s. I haven’t roamed far, 7 generations later!

*The iceberg shots are seen on my twitter feed, as well as a little video of the waves rolling in at Deadman’s bay, with the ocean’s roar and the tinkling of small bits of ice rolling on the landwash.

Live @ Norton’s Cove

At the risk of sounding old and out-of-touch…

Part of the reason I wanted to build Norton’s Cove Café was to allow a venue for live music. It turned out better than I had imagined as a space to appreciate an intimate evening with professional musicians where the sound is so great, the food and drinks are more diverse than most bars where live music is usually heard, and best of all, it’s right here: I don’t have to travel to a city to hear live music! We all get to meet the artists, get them to sign copies of our CDs, and remember the live performance every time we hear their songs for evermore.

Unfortunately, local people have not caught on to this gift yet- while we have had sold out shows a couple of times, we have also had audiences as small as 6 people. That can be embarrassing for everyone. I have noticed that the little known names of performers generally sell less tickets. Imagine if you had not bothered to go to an inexpensive show because you hadn’t heard of Elvis yet. Everyone has to start being unknown. It doesn’t mean they won’t knock your socks off.

We’ve never had a high-school student attend a show. Are there really no teenagers in this town that are interested in live music? I find that really hard to believe. Surely there’s a group that are messing about with guitars and would benefit from watching and listening to professional musicians? Am I just confused because I grew up surrounded by musicians?

Please help me spread the word about Christian Howse’s upcoming Live @ Norton’s Cove event!

  • Share the poster with family and friends through email
  • Ask your friends if they’re going
  • Share and invite via the Facebook event listing
  • Tweet about it
  • Stop in at the studio to pick up your tickets ahead of time
  • Purchase tickets in the online shop

Squareing Yards and Furling Sails

My paternal grandfather, Skipper Gus Davis, was a memorable character who had a flair for the creative, like a good many of my relatives. Some years ago, I was given a folder of his sketches from one of the family who thought I might be interested in having them. What a treasure!

Gus spent much of his life at sea, and his sketches are indicative of that: ships, vessels his family had owned, and marine animals.

Lino-cut print with watercolour, Janet Davis 2015

I made a lino-cut piece based on his “Squareing Yards and Furling Sail” sketch, printed in black ink and hand coloured using watercolours.

There are more sketches to bring out when I’m ready. Are you inspired by your ancestor’s stories? As much as I am happy to be living in a time of women’s rights and relative peace, I often find myself daydreaming about how the people who came before me lived.

Gus’ world was much different than mine, and I’m happy to have a glimpse into it through his sketches.

Everything is Groovy

I’m back in the studio, putting dry mini-prints in mats and filling up my shelves with new product. I am full of good vibes, looking forward to a new season with a few changes, new artworks to be created, and new people to be met. Everything is groovy.

If you’re out for a Sunday drive, it’s a great time to stop in for a look around this c.1890 General Store and have a cuffer or a twack! I’d love to see you.