Victoria Day Weekend

Taken from Greenspond, looking towards Brookfield.
See my house in the background?

Norton’s Cove Studio is open for the long weekend:
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 9-4
Monday 9-4

Welcome back to all those summer home owners who spend their winters elsewhere!


Collaboration with Alexis Templeton

Here a few snaps taken at Alexis’ studio while we were making plates together.
Look for finished plates in the spring in four designs:
Starfish | Mussels | Sea Urchins | Sand Dollars
My linocut printing plates are pressed into clay…
I’ve cut around the linoleum, and peel back to reveal the embossed image.
Alexis turns up the edges, and trims and shapes them into plates.
When I leave the studio, the plates are drying in racks with supports to help them keep their shape until they are dry enough to go into the kiln.  Alexis is an expert at glazing her pots, and she’ll no doubt transform these embossed plates into things of beauty.  I look forward to seeing them once she’s worked her magic!

Humpback Platters

Quite a few weeks ago, Alexis Templeton and I started making some platters with my printing plate for Humpbacks.  The finished pieces are ready to go.  You can pick one up at Alexis Templeton Studio in St. John’s, or here at Norton’s Cove Studio… I have four in stock.  Of course, each one is a little different.  It’s great fun to see what comes out of the kiln at Alexis’ studio.

Humpbacks | Printed Clay | Alexis Templeton and Janet Davis | $287 + HST

Christmas Craft Fair

My booth at the Craft Council’s 2012 Christmas Craft Fair

Going to the Craft Fair is a bit of an annual reunion, which I always look forward to.  I see people that I have met throughout my craft career, some of whom I see often, others very rarely.

Thank you so much to my fellow booth-holders who made the weekend memorable: Christine, Derek, and Laurie of Spindrift, Michelle (who I think I’ll call Goose from now on…) and her dad of ArtSea Jewellery, Alexis Templeton, David of King’s Point Pottery, the girls from Constantine Designs, and Jason Holley and Rosalind Ford.

Sculpin Platters

These were just dropped off at the studio. There are four of them here, and Alexis has more at her studio.  They’ll be available at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Arts and Culture Centre next week, along with some other fishes we’ve been frying…

Sculpin | Alexis Templeton and Janet Davis | Clay | $165


Whip Sculpin

Tracing the drawing with carbon paper facing the back of the paper, to create a mirror image.

After tracing the mirror image onto the linoleum, and making good solid linework with a brush and India Ink, much of the linoleum is removed with v or u shaped carving tools. 

The plate is cleaned of any drawing materials and dirt, and inked up with a rubber brayer.
The first Trial Proof, on Canson Edition cotton fibre paper. 

The same proof with watercolour added.
Second Trial Proof on specialty paper. 

A reddish ink on yellow rice paper:  Trial Proof # 3

This paper is rather the colour of a sculpin, with camoflage-like markings, fitting of the ultra-camoflauged sculpin.  Didn’t turn out all that fab, but…

For Trial Proof # 5, I increased the pressure on the etching press and pulled a second proof from the same ink, showing the impression of the thread marks in the paper from proof # 4. 

Trial Proof # 6 & 7 are printed by applying watercolour directly to the printing plate, drying, then rolling the ink over top.  The dampness of the paper fibres and the pressure from the press allow the dried watercolours to release into the proof.

Today I’ll be editioning this ‘Whip Sculpin’.  I’m still trying to decide how many I want to print, but I’ve narrowed down how they’ll look.  Stop in the studio for a look at how they’re made, and find out which trial proof I’m using as my guide to print the edition.  Alexis Templeton and I also plan to make a few platters as part of this edition by embossing clay slabs with the printing plate, an exciting technique we’ve been playing with for a while.

Snowflakes in Progress

A slab of clay with a linocut plate of the same size, fitting six different snowflake designs on each  slab…

The printing plate on top of the clay, ready to roll through the slab roller…

The plate is peeled off the clay…

And the printed slabs are placed on boards to dry a little bit…

And then each snowflake is cut by hand from the slabs while the clay is still damp.

After this much, I’m out of the picture for a while.  The snowflakes, after drying some more between flat boards to keep them from warping, get the edges smoothed by rubbing a damp sponge over them ever so carefully.  They go in the kiln to be bisque fired (I think that’s the term- Alexis, leave a comment to correct what I get wrong!), then get some of the beautiful crystaline glaze added to the smooth side of the snowflake, get fired again, and they’re ready to go to their new homes!

Here are all six finished snowflake designs.  Each one has a lino cut image from me on one side, and Alexis’ glaze on the other side.  Their prices go by size: $10, $11, $14, $14, $17, and $22 plus tax.  (Alexis’ prices are slightly different as her prices include the tax)

They are available here at Norton’s Cove Studio, and also at Alexis Templeton Studio.

Christmas Tea & Sale

I’m getting my things ready to bring to this event in St. John’s this coming weekend.  I’ll be bringing the  following pieces with me- if there’s anything else on the website that you’d like to get a closer look at, let me know, and I’ll bring it along.
Dogberry Branch

He Loves Me

Minke Whales

And snowflakes!  A collaboration between myself & potter Alexis Templeton.

Dogberry Branch

Dogberry Branch | Linocut with watercolour | Janet Davis 2011
Ready to go… awaiting mats to have them ready to fit in a standard  11 x 14 frame.
Edition of 20
+ the 4 Trial Proofs currently available framed at the Craft Council Gallery
+ dishes in progress at Alexis Templeton Studio