Throw Back Thursday

12. I'm Just Another Fish in the Sea13. I'm Just Another Fish in the Sea Detail

I’m Just Another Fish in the Sea
7.5 x 22.5 inches
Lino-cut printed with watercolour on 250g white Arches cotton paper.

Inspired by a song written by my brother Trev Davis, of the same title.


Mat Hooking

Nothing like leading a mat hooking workshop to get me hooked on matting again… while my students were starting their 5 x 5″ mats today, I dove back into revamping Clifford’s Education Fund.



I’m hoping that the next Book Club book is available as an audio-book that I can listen to while finishing off this 8 x 10 foot hooked mat so that I can start a new piece on the same mat hooking frame.  I find that the time spent listening to a book while mat hooking flies by- a great source of entertainment while still feeling like I’m getting lots of work accomplished: win win!

Just a Card

There’s a campaign happening on the world wide web that I feel I can wholeheartedly be a part of…

I have been saying these words for all 15 years that I’ve been in business here.  If everyone in my hometown bought one card each year, I’d be able to make a living as an artist.  But my business has made it for 15 years- because I’ve had support from a loving family who didn’t mind helping out.  And because I’ve also been working for another company for the past 10 years in order to gain a dependable income.  For most of those years, I have not taken a pay-cheque from Norton’s Cove Studio Inc.  Oftentimes, the business costs me more money than it makes.  And now I’ve taken all the credit/financing/loans I can get to build a restaurant which needs the support of the community too.

It is incredibly important to shop locally and support our own community.  Just a card. Or a piece of cake.  It makes a huge difference to twelve employees of Norton’s Cove Studio & Café now, not just me.  So it’s even more important to me than ever before to help spread the word.  Just a card.


Surfacing 10: Waterhaul
70 6×6″ hooked mats | Janet Davis 2015 | $6,900 + HST
Available for purchase at the Craft Council Gallery until June 13th, 2015
My father mentioned a ‘waterhaul’ to me while creating this piece.
It was a term common amongst the generations of those who used cod traps.  If your trap was empty, it would be said that you had a “waterhaul”, meaning that there were no codfish in it!
See my twitterfeed between February and May of this year to see the day by day workings of this installation.  Each square took at least 5 hours of hooking.   Thanks to all my tweeps and peeps who kept me feeling pumped about this project while I spent all those hours and late evenings sitting and hooking!