In the Studio

I’m very happy to be concentrating on a special project for the next little while. Sixteen pages of illustrations for a children’s storybook. Definitely a bucket list item for me!

You can see by the image that part of my process is to tape my research material images to the wall, and I have written information and the story’s text at my side too. There’s something about this act that makes me feel comfortable with the new work- I’m sure there’s a word to describe that- anyone know what it might be?

The story is written by a brilliant woman who I’m very lucky to have as a friend, and if all goes well, we’ll be looking for a publisher in the near future!

Studio Work

With the Café up and running with new staff members working away like pros, I am left with the job that doesn’t feel like a job. Aaaah, creating in my studio. Welcoming visitors to my beautiful c.1890 general store. This is the life!

Right now, I’m working on a new little hooked mat which will be one in a series of three. Part of my UNDERNEATH series. Duke’s favourite t-shirts have been sacrificed for this piece, so I hope it turns out well! I didn’t ask his permission, and I was caught cutting them up! Oops!

I posted the finished Hermit Cove Cups in the online shop yesterday, and I plan on making two more of these images in the coming days. You’ll see them here when I’ve got something to show!


This post was promised to one of my besties… screenshots of film footage I’ve been getting under the surface of the ocean (with lots of help from Duke) for my newest works in progress… I’m working on a series of paintings, prints, and textile pieces focusing on the ocean in relation to depression and life.