Icebergs in June: Day Four

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 Iceberg count on Day Four: zero. 

“Blue Ice is an illustrated biography based on the extraordinary diary of the late artist George A. Noseworthy. In 1970 he boarded the 253-foot “Chesley A. Crosbie” out of St. John’s, NL., bound for the ice-fields and the annual seal hunt off Northern Labrador and Newfoundland. Until this time, he was the only artist who had actually gone to “the front.”

Blue Ice dramatically records Noseworthy’s time in the wild. As he was portraying the life of the courageous sealers through his art, he was also recording the daily hunt in his journal.

Blue Ice is the true account of George Noseworthy’s passion for adventure – and the men of Newfoundland’s sealing industry whose bravery he immortalized in his art. ” ~Creative Publishing