Café closing very soon!

Get it while you still can! Our wonderful Norton’s Cove Café is scheduled to close on the 17th of this month, and we’re seeing such slow days this week that we may need to close up a bit earlier. If you’re hoping to visit, please make your reservations now so that we’ll know what to expect and help us to make decisions about how to handle the next few days. Call 536-2633.

Product Spotlight

Our Head Chef at Norton’s Cove Café, Ted O’Connor, makes an amazing Stuffed Pork. Full of flavour and creaminess, I love it best with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables, as shown here. It’s one of our best filling comfort foods on the regular supper menu! You can order it with rice instead of potato, and there is an new option of a Moroccan inspired chickpea salad in lieu of the vegetables.

Product Spotlight

Duke had to drive to the Great Northern Peninsula to help with another family business project, and managed to stop in at the Dark Tickle Company in Griquet to pick up an order that we had placed recently. So we now have lots of new stock in the studio and at the Café Gift-Shop! We love their products, and the people ain’t bad either, even though they’re family! Check out their website for all the other wicked things they do, like serve up house-made ice-cream in a sculpin cone, and take people out in a super-cool jet boat to see whales, icebergs, dolphins, and stuff like that!

You can find the link to the Dark Tickle product page in the online shop HERE.