Book Signing Event: PERISHED

Was it the name of the book that jinxed us with a snowstorm on April 19th?  I guess not, but for the few souls who did come out, not afraid of perishing in the storm, it was a lovely evening.  Here are some snaps taken by Phillip, the President of the Jenny Higgins Fan Club…

Jenny signs pre-sold copies, for people who knew they couldn’t make the event.

Winston Perry is a Jenny Higgins fan!

Jenny with Winston

Even the RCMP showed up!  

We still have books in stock, if you’d like to stop in to get a copy!


Mother Fumbler

Mother Fumbler
has arrived at Norton’s Cove Studio!
You can get your copy here, and have it signed by the author, Vicki Murphy (who most of us Bonavista North crowd remember as Vicki Combden) during our book signing event in December.
Mother Fumbler
from Breakwater Books
$19.95 + GST = 20.95 each