In the Shop

I’ve been having fun as a shop-keeper the past couple of days, getting new product on the shelves and adding them to the online store too. When a new box of goods shows up at my shop, it’s like my birthday! I love it!

From Foggy Island Candles, we are now carrying 6 different scents in these 6oz travel tins, $20 each
Kate Fudge Art cards, at $7 each. Seriously though… I know who I’ll give a Pineapple Crush card to, and half the nans in NL could get an Evaporated Milk card, but who am I going to give a Vienna Sausage card to, and to mark what occasion? Don’t they look great on the old wire turning display that came with this c.1890 general store?
Velvet Snow’s Forget-Me-Not pieces are moving quickly. So far, no one has left the shop without at least one piece! Understated and beautiful. $33.50 – $42 price range.

At Home

Photo courtesy of Kath & Dave

Kath & Dave visited the other day, bought some Norton’s Cove Cards, and have framed them at home already!  Here’s a great example of how to frame Norton’s Cove Mini-Prints!  Don’t they look great?  That’s my dad’ s Tug Point Vim at the top, Caplin at the top left, Puffins at top right, Dory and Humpback on the bottom, all in black ink.

I love seeing how my artworks look in their new homes.  Thank you for sharing, Kath & Dave!