Christmas Craft Fair!

It’s time for THE Christmas Craft Fair!
Duke and I are all set up and ready to greet visitors at the Jack Byrne Arena! Let the fun begin!


Craft Fair Report

I had a great Christmas Craft Fair week in St. John’s! The fair was my most successful ever, I spent time with friends, ate good food, and am now very happy to be back at Norton’s Cove, unpacking my boxes and putting things away. I’m in the studio and ready for your visit or your online order!

My booth at the Craft Council of NL’s Christmas Craft Fair which ran from noon on November 11th to 5pm on the 14th. I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the people who came and bought artwork- I can’t express how much it means to me. I’m really grateful. Really.
We ate at lots of nice places while we were away, but I think this restaurant is my favourite: Bad Bones Ramen. I love the style of the place, my beef curry ramen bowl was sooooo flavourful and delicious, and the service was excellent. Great food and artistry without being at all pretentious, nor expensive. Love it! Looking forward to dining there again next time!
Mick Davis & Thin Love played at the Bull & Barrell while I was in town, and I was very happy to sneak in an hour or so of listening pleasure- I absolutely love hearing professional musicians play live; I’m completely dazzled by drummers and guitarists, watching them work their magic. And can I just mention how great it is to see my little brother wailing out a guitar solo with a big ol’ grin on his face? And how has Jill Porter not aged a teeny little bit in 25 years? It was a bit of a time warp of an evening, as Mick looks about 19, and he’s just 5 years younger than me. Maybe I should have my eyes examined? What’s on the go?

Christmas Craft Fair

For the next few days, I’ll be away from my darling studio to bring my artwork to the Christmas Craft Fair again. Wish me luck! And if you’re in the St. John’s area, drop by for a visit! This truly is the best shopping event of the season.

Find me at booth #5

I look forward to this event not just as a sales opportunity, but as a social event. I get to visit with other artisans, meet new people, and take in some of the St. John’s nightlife. For instance, I’m trying to decide whether to go out to YellowBelly Brewery on Friday night to hear my baby brother Mick sing, or if I’ll go to the Black Sheep on George on Saturday night to hear him with Thin Love… decisions decisions!

Christmas Craft Fair

My booth at the Craft Council’s 2012 Christmas Craft Fair

Going to the Craft Fair is a bit of an annual reunion, which I always look forward to.  I see people that I have met throughout my craft career, some of whom I see often, others very rarely.

Thank you so much to my fellow booth-holders who made the weekend memorable: Christine, Derek, and Laurie of Spindrift, Michelle (who I think I’ll call Goose from now on…) and her dad of ArtSea Jewellery, Alexis Templeton, David of King’s Point Pottery, the girls from Constantine Designs, and Jason Holley and Rosalind Ford.

Sculpin Platters

These were just dropped off at the studio. There are four of them here, and Alexis has more at her studio.  They’ll be available at the Christmas Craft Fair at the Arts and Culture Centre next week, along with some other fishes we’ve been frying…

Sculpin | Alexis Templeton and Janet Davis | Clay | $165