This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café

Thank you to those of you who came out for our Tibb’s Eve Dinner, even though we had to trim the event of its normal dance and performance by my brother Mick. My Norton’s Cove staff did a terrific job of feeding & watering us (yes, I got to enjoy the meal instead of serving it!), and I’m happy that we didn’t cancel the whole darn thing. It was a lovely & safe evening out with friends and family. Fingers crossed that next year will be back to normal!

My next biggest jobs are in the office. Planning out the whole new year ahead of us will take some reviewing of last year, lots of notes and charts and coffee drunk. I’m looking forward to it! I made a lot of mistakes this year, I think, and I want to make sure that I don’t make them all again next year. Timing is everything! And then there’s the year end financial documents that need to be filed with the government. Sounds awful, but in fact, I rather like doing that work each year.

I’ll be in and out of the studio and office at no set hours for the next few days, but will start with regular hours again after Old Christmas Day. Until then, I hope you’re enjoying the twelve days of Christmas, and that you don’t have a house full of calling birds, French hens, turtle-doves and partridges. I guess the golden rings might be alright! xo


Studio & Café Update

25% off almost everything in the shop!

The studio/shop will be open on Wednesday, December 22nd from 10am to 6pm for your Christmas shopping needs- I’d love to see you here, or help you out with your online shopping experience! In the meantime, the online shop is open 24-7!

This week at Norton’s Cove Studio & Café

Our Annual Tibb’s Eve Dinner & Dance tickets are still available! If you already have your tickets, don’t forget to send me your menu choices! You can call, email, or text that info to me. And include your favourite drinks too so that I’m sure to have the right stuff in stock!

Here are your menu choices for the December 23rd event:

Crispy moose in a spicy, sweet, and savoury orange sauce served on rice noodles (GF)
Frutti di Mare – Italian styled shrimp and squid salad (GF)
Creamy pumpkin soup with grilled cheese croutons (V)

Moose Bourguignon- a rich moose stew served with a side of polenta and stewed vegetables
Trout Boudin- trout sausage served with a rich red wine sauce, seasoned mushrooms, potato, and veggies (GF)
Vegetarian Paella- a mixture of roasted vegetables served on saffron and paprika infused rice (GF) (V)

Chocolate Mousse- rich, creamy, and fluffy- just gorgeous! (GF)
Crème Caramel- baked custard in a light caramel sauce (GF)
Spiced ginger Christmas cake with sweet lemon glaze

Norton’s Cove Studio will be open on Friday & Saturday, December 17th & 18th, from 10am – 6pm for Christmas shopping! Enjoy a free coffee while you shop, and feel good about supporting a small locally owned independent business! And get a 25% discount on almost everything in the store!

Fall Shopping Events

Taylor and I have been having a grand time getting the shop all stocked with new product and tagging everything with UPC codes to keep up on our inventory with our new scanner. I just love shop-keeping in my c.1890 general store!

There weren’t any UPC codes in the shop here for sure!

We’re planning a number of special events for those of you in the area who like to get out and do a bit of browsing or have a ‘twack’, if you will. Isn’t it nice to get out on a Friday night? And if you’re from a little farther away and would like to make a weekend out of it, there are a number of nice places to stay here in the Greater Norton’s Cove Area!

Starting this week, I’ll be hosting a shopping event from 6-9pm, which will include a number of special treats: product tasting, prizes, guest vendors, sales, and craft and art demonstrations and presentations, every Friday night from 6-9pm! There will be something different happening each week, and I’ll update you on plans each week here on the blog.

Please helps spread the word, and I hope to see you here!

And if you can’t visit Norton’s Cove Studio, get out and support a small business in your community! Supporting small independent local shops just feels good!

Christmas Shopping

Good morning! Just a couple of days left for shopping- I can hardly believe the date!

I’ll be in the studio getting some things ready for Christmas (around 11am-6pm NT) and would love to hear from you!

Lots of items available in store and online!

I’ll be filling online orders, taking telephone and email orders, and greeting in-person shoppers.

Christmas Cleaning

Duke and I have spent the last three days cleaning and reorganizing the studio. I’ve wiped some pretty heavy dust off those top shelves while hanging on to said shelves a bit monkey-like. We’ve been putting up Christmas decorations too, and displaying Christmas specific product, like cards and CDs. The c.1890 shop is looking pretty festive!

I’m finishing up the job today by cleaning the press room, and putting some new frames together, and setting up my old coffee station that had been removed when we built the café. In 2017, we thought the café would be open year-round, so I didn’t need a coffee counter right across the street too. Plans change! So my mini-espresso maker is getting set up here today. My dad is installing new plumbing, as even my bar sink was installed at the café more than two years ago!

So drop in! We’re ready for Christmas shoppers! Pick up your Norton’s Cove event tickets, grab a gift card, or come in to make your own wish list to pass on to your loved ones! What would you like Santa to pick up for you at Norton’s Cove this Christmas?

Christmas Craft Fair

For the next few days, I’ll be away from my darling studio to bring my artwork to the Christmas Craft Fair again. Wish me luck! And if you’re in the St. John’s area, drop by for a visit! This truly is the best shopping event of the season.

Find me at booth #5

I look forward to this event not just as a sales opportunity, but as a social event. I get to visit with other artisans, meet new people, and take in some of the St. John’s nightlife. For instance, I’m trying to decide whether to go out to YellowBelly Brewery on Friday night to hear my baby brother Mick sing, or if I’ll go to the Black Sheep on George on Saturday night to hear him with Thin Love… decisions decisions!

Tonight’s the Night!

Back in 2002, I hosted the first annual Norton’s Cove Christmas Party & Sale. 

All sorts of festive treats: prizes, music, food & drink, and 25% off all artwork & giftware.
There is the annual draw for a $50 gift certificate at 9pm (you have to be an eNewsletter subscriber to qualify), and a door prize too!

Simple math tells us that this would be the 17th Norton’s Cove Christmas Party & Sale, but it’s actually the 18th…

One year, on the 1st Friday of December, there was a snowstorm.  I put out word to my followers on social media that the party would be postponed until Saturday night- I didn’t want my studio friends travelling on dangerous roads, and especially not in the dark.  BUT people came anyways!  Others had already told me they would come on Saturday night and stayed home, so we did the whole thing two nights in a row!  Certainly a memorable year!